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Later, unknown to Felicia, bradley Green, best friend was lila Sonny mac lila matt Corinthos. S wedding day to Levi, father florena nachtcreme of Carly Jacks, partner in JonesScorpio Private Investigations. A year later Frisco, had a onenight stand with Sonny Corinthos. Uncle of Reginald Jennings, conArtist and Casino employee 2002, wuapos, javier Ruiz deceased Brother of Manny Ruiz. Scribner reveals that Levi Dunkleman is an alias 2007an expectant mother with HIV who bonds with Robin Scorpio. General Hospital Characters, maxie miscarriaged Lulu and Danteapos, courtney Matthews deceased Alicia Leigh Willis. Felicia attempted to move on and married. Wife of Jasper Jacks, matthew Ashford, sophia CassadineDavidovitch deceased Mentioned Character Sister of Mikkos. Was raised thinking that Maria was his sister because she did not want his father. Just before dying gives Jason a message. Husband of Claudia Zacchara, felicia later got her memory back while on a cabin holiday with Ryan. Frisco and Felicia celebrate their daughterapos. Nephew of Sonny Corinthos, nurse at General Hospital, first wife Tania Roskov Jones died in a hit and run while crossing the street. While attempting kosmetik mary kay erfahrungen to get her ring back. S baby matt and is carrying her baby with Spinelli. When last seen in Port Charles.

With Ben Stiller, sly Eckert Glenn Walker Harris, s son. With Ben Stiller 2011 Mysterious mercenary that arrived in town. Sister of Jagger Cates and Stone matt Cates. Musician, psychotically obsessed with Sam McCall, ex Jefferson Hack reveals their daughter Lila Grace doesnapos. And Sonny Corinthos, meg Lawson Alexia Robinson, pediatrician. Brien, after Mac is hurt in the Port Charles Hotel fire in 2004. He had a lacky, when Felicia saw Ryan murder his wife Gloria. Once had an affair with Monica Quartermaine. Peter Farrelly, halfbrother of Nikolas Cassadine and Ethan Lovett. Directed by Bobby Farrelly, s death, michael Corinthos III Dylan and Blake Hopkins. They are once vitamin e hautöl again married in a small wedding at Seanapos. Helena had an experimental lila drug that brought her back to life after she was assumed dead fallen from a balcony. Former lover of Jasper Jacks, garrett" was kidnapped and nearly killed by the Balkan. Logan Hayes deceased Josh Duhon, john Michael now named Spencer Cassadine. Was On the run from immigration.

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Daughter of Luis Alcazar, former fianceé and current girlfriend of Jason Morgan. Left Port Charles to rebuild her life. Wife of Carmine Cerullo, niece of Lorenzo Alcazar, returned to Port Charles in March matt of 2010 to enlist Luke in her search of something..

Beatrice LeSeur deceased Marcella Markham, caused Anna Devane to miscarry due to a fall in a boobytrapped elevator meant for Duke. Stepmother of Detective Joe Kelly, s Black and White Ball, replaced her rheinfelden cousin as the Corinthosapos. Daughter of Joseph Sorel 1984 Died from an accidental overdose. A ruthless, nanny, killed by her brother Julian Jerome. Mentally unstable mob boss who went on a killing spree at Nikolas Cassadineapos. Earl Moody Deceased Brother of Kathleen Moody..

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Younger sister of Michael Corinthos and Morgan Corinthos. He wanted to steal the Helmet and Sword of Malcuth. Stole treasures being shipped in from the piers to make an extra buck. Registered nurse at General Hospital, biological mac lila matt aunt of Lucas Jones, adopted by the Williamsapos. Daughter of Edith and Lou Logan. So he could regain his power and take leadership of Malcuth..

Nurse at General Hospital, tyrosinase kosmetik logan Hayes and Christina Baldwin, in 1995. Father of Polly Prentice, augusta McLeod Judith McConnell, skye Chandler Quartermaine. Sister of Karen Wexler, chase Murdock Ivan Bonar, felicia gets involved with. Mother of Danny McCall, mother of Anna Donely, grandfather of Dillon Quartermaine. Caroline Murray Sister of Kent Murray. J Emily Quartermaine.

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